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Unleash your talent in a salon that values your perspective, experience, techniques, and most importantly – your life outside the salon. 

Kaleido is dedicated to empowering our artists’ talents, opinions, and boundaries. If you’ve been searching for a salon that will allow you to finally flourish like the artist you are, reach out and learn more about the Kaleido team.

Let Your Artistry Shine

Kaleido Hair isn’t another salon to upsell and be on call for walk-ins. Instead, imagine a life when you’re in the salon for your appointments – and your appointments only.

We value your voice and boundaries, and want to give you a space for your talent to flourish.

Dreaming of a salon that prioritizes a work-life balance?

this is for you

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Make Hair Magic


Kaleido Hair has built a community of hair artists that want to create a safe and creative environment for their guests. Start the conversation to see if Kaleido Hair is the salon for you.

Boundaries? Communication? Collaboration?

Yes, please!